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June 2018

2018 Franchise of the Year :

So this just happened!!

We are super excited and happy to announce that North Shore has just been announced as the 2018 Franchise of the Year at their national conference held in Wellington over the weekend.

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December 2014

Needing some extra cash?? How about this reward…

Hi All,

We could all do with a bit of extra cash this time of year.

Please see attached link for two individuals concerned in fraud.

There is a $ 50,000 reward for information leading to their apprehension.

Any assistance in getting this message out in the public arena would be grateful so we can get these two locked up before Xmas

Kind Regards

Graham Aylett

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November 2014

Business Connections Group Xmas Drinks

The only photo that we took at a very enjoyable evening. This is the ‘last man standing’ group just before we finally went home

Business Connections Group Xmas Drinks

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August 2013

The impact of increasing your regular mortgage payments

Jo Choat has listed an example below what the implications are if you pay just a little extra on your regular mortgage payments

Take a total mortgage of $450,000.00 at 6.0% the interest is $27,000

If you pay $622.50 p.w it will be a 30 yr term $669 p.w and you reduce the term to 25 yrs saving approx. $135K Pay $744 p.w and you will reduce the term to 20 yrs saving approx. $270K

Give Jo a call on (021) 476322 or (09) 4863224 if you would like any budgeting advice. She does charge for this service, but it could save you thousands if you simply know where your money is going.

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July 2013

How to save Energy

I thought I would share the following links with you all. Seeing its so cold and we can’t understand why we need so much heating so frequently, this article would explain.

Also for the people that dont know what they dont know, I thought I would add this pink batts link explaining insulation and light fittings.

If you need your lights automated, talk to me.

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June 2013

Taxation of Foreign Superannuation Schemes

The New Zealand Inland Revenue (IR) is re-writing the taxation rules for foreign superannuation schemes (foreign schemes) and intends to introduce new, 'simplified' rules from 1 April 2014.

IR is aware that the existing rules relating to foreign schemes are complex and this complexity has resulted in a high level of non compliance. The new rules focus on taxing distributions from foreign schemes, so anyone who has funds in a foreign scheme will be taxed whenever and however they take a benefit or distribution. This is regardless of whether the benefit is in the form of an income payment, a lump sum withdrawal or a transfer to a New Zealand or Australian superannuation scheme.

Thus, if you are a NZ resident, and you have a UK pension which has not been declared in your NZ tax returns, then you may have a tax liability – even if you have not yet withdrawn or transferred your UK pension.

IR is reviewing the position of individuals who have funds in a foreign scheme who may not have fully complied with the existing rules. As part of the review IR is offering an amnesty, under which anyone who has not complied with the existing rules can:

  • Re-assess their tax returns for prior years where they did not correctly treat their foreign scheme; or
  • Apply a flat 15% on any amount withdrawn or transferred and return this as assessable income in their 2014 tax return. The individual's resident withholding tax rate would be applied to the 15% portion declared as assessable income.


Different approaches may suit individuals based on their specific circumstances. For example, if you have been resident in NZ for less than 3 years then it is likely that the assessable income would be less than 15%. Thus, you should work through what the assessable income would have been under the existing rules, provided you have the valuations and information available, to ensure this is less than a flat 15%. However, if you have been resident in NZ for 3 or more years, it is likely that the assessable portion of your pension would be more than 15%.  Thus, the amnesty may present an opportunity for you to transfer your foreign scheme into a NZ scheme and limit any assessable income calculation by electing the 15%.

If you are a "transitional resident", then you can transfer your foreign scheme with no assessable income, so long as you complete the transfer within the 4 year transitional period which gives you "transitional resident" status. Please note returning "Kiwi's" must have been out of New Zealand for more than 10 years to meet transitional resident rules.

For any transfer related queries, please call John Gold of Craigs Investment Partners on 09 970 2197. For tax specific advice, we encourage you to seek the advice of a tax professional.

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June 2013

Ben there, done that! Cowperthwaite Roofing welcomes new Contracts Manager

CowperthwaiteRoofingBenClealCowperthwaite Roofing are delighted to announce the appointment of Ben Cleal to the role of contracts manager. Based at the company's head office in Penrose, Ben's main priorities are to look after the company's team of salaried roofers and to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of jobs all around the greater Auckland area.

Ben brings with him a wealth of life experience and industry know-how. He's recently returned to his hometown of Auckland after 8 years working in Australia, first as an employee and then running his own company. "Having been a member of staff and a business owner, I do get 'the bigger picture'", comments Ben. "When you're juggling people and resources across so many sites, it's really useful to be able to keep calm and take a step back. Luckily, that's something I've learned to do well!"

If travel broadens the mind, then Ben is almost certainly the most broad-minded chap in the office! He's visited the US, Canada, the UK, and a significant chunk of Europe, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. His other leisure interests include fishing, spending quality time with his wife and their two young children, and watching the Warriors.

Business Connections member, Sean Brandon says, "It's great to have Ben on board. He's a real professional – level-headed and logical, friendly and approachable. I'm looking forward to introducing him to the members of Business Connections in the not too distant future."

For more information about Cowperthwaite Roofing Ltd, please visit or phone Sean on 027 543 5154.

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November 2012

The NZTE scheme will provide up to 50% of the workshop cost for businesses to undergo training relating to developing management capabilities, strategy, business performance, marketing, exporting, etc. Up to $5k  (excl) per year can be accessed). It focusses on development of knowledge and skills for management and does not cover coaching. There are over 4000 workshops/courses available in the marketplace.

To qualify, a business must be:

GST registered
Operating in a commercial environment
Be privately owned or a Maori trust
Undergo an assessment by an ATEED representative
Have fewer than 50 full time equivalent staff

Link to the site:

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November 2012 
 Southern Cross Easy-claim for Active Physio Albany

Good news for Southern Cross members: The new Easy-claim system has now been introduced into all Active Physio branches, including Active Physio Albany. This means that provided your policy has a provision for physiotherapy treatment (which we can check for you at the time), we can now bill Southern Cross directly for your treatment costs. This means no more hassle with paying, getting an invoice, sending it in, waiting for payment etc...! Just another way of trying to make life a little bit easier for you!
See our website for details:  HTML Version 

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September 2012   Mobile app for the Albany branch of Active Physio launched
Apple App Store | Google Play
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October 2011 - Time to Detox your Brand
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August 2011   FunctionEight 10th Anniversary Party
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How to save Energy