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George Deeb
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Address: Unit i 270 Sunset Road, Windsor Park, North Shore, Auckland

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Office of a Notary Public








A notary public is a lawyer authorised by the Archbishop of Canterbury of England to officially witness signatures on legal documents for use overseas. An embossing tool (seal) is used to verify documents signed in his presence or to certify that the original document has been sighted and is a true copy.

I am a notary public registered with the New Zealand Society of Notaries

Notarial Services

I provide the following services

  • Notarising general documents in New Zealand for use overseas
  • Notarising Powers of Attorney for transfer of land overseas
  • Notarising of copies of passports and academic qualifications
  • Notarising documents for international trade and business
  • Certification of documents for foreign jurisdictions
  • Noting and protesting Bills of Exchange
  • Arranging certification with foreign Embassies and Consulates
  • General Notarial work

Proof of Identity / Documentation

When visiting a notary public it is important to have two formal forms of identification with you, ideally your passport and photo drivers licence and/or proof of residence. To certify copies of documents the original needs to be sighted.

Authentication / Apostille

In some cases documents once signed by the notary will need to be sent to the Department of Internal Affairs in Wellington for authentication / Apostille. – this is an official government certificate that proves the signature, stamp or seal of a Notary on a document is genuine.

You can check if Authentication / Apostille is required by the country to which you are sending the documents at$file/e-Apostille-flyer.pdf - it usually takes up to 7 working days.

The necessary form can be obtained online or I can let you have a copy of the form when notarising your documents.


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