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Robert Elcombe
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Miit Limited / MiRental Limited / MiProperties Limited

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Is Miit a good fit as your IT partner? Is it time to re-evaluate your IT provision? Is there a better way?

Miit is focused on providing small to medium businesses access to modern, cutting edge, secure and fast Enterprise grade IT systems and support. Smaller businesses require affordable professional advice and robust systems as they are routinely targeted by cyber criminals and traditionally lack advanced in-house IT support.

In order to provide superior and competitive services Miit host and manage our own infrastructure in conjunction with premium 3rd party software such as Microsoft and Sophos giving Miit a competitive edge, passing our cost savings back to our clients.

Migrating your company’s IT systems to Miit allows organisations to retain existing applications with all of their current data and user configurations quickly, inexpensively and with minimal disruption.

Migration to an ‘as a Service’ offers a range of capabilities that allow organisations to more easily control their costs and increase their reliability utilising the proven benefits of cloud infrastructure such as availability, reduced capital cost, and scalable performance.

As a quick exercise total your IT spend over the life of your IT infrastructure taking note of:

  1. Server Hardware costs
  2. Microsoft server licensing costs
  3. Initial migration and project installation labour costs
  4. Data storage
  5. Monthly data backup costs
  6. Company Email and spam filtering
  7. User Microsoft Licensing Fees (Microsoft Office)
  8. IT Support fees for both server and end users
  9. Security software fees (anti-virus)
  10. Insurance costs
  11. Power and cooling costs
  12. Server room space
  13. In-house support and disruption

If these fees exceed $135.00 per user per month then perhaps it is time to talk.

Mi-IT simplify business IT processes via managed "cloud" solutions and UFB Internet, empowering your company to grow through innovation.

Mi-IT saving you time, saving you money and putting your business first.